Alium joins GLIMMA as Gold Partner Spain.

With the aim of continuously improving and providing comprehensive solutions to our international clients, Alium has joined GLIMMA as a Gold Partner Spain.

This enables us to undertake international signage projects, unifying quality, reducing costs and streamlining execution, all under a single point of contact, which minimizes project management hours for our clients.

GLIMMA, a leading end-to-end brand consultancy with a presence on five continents, over 1000 employees, and clients such as Heineken, Ford, Lexus, Coca Cola, and Jack and Jones.

The agreement with GLIMMA enables us to undertake projects anywhere in the world. Our most recent international project was for Amazon, where 35 installers simultaneously labeled 900 vehicles in five countries (Poland, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain).

Projects like this will be possible thanks to our alliance with GLIMMA, which helps us improve our services by providing comprehensive solutions to our clients.

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